Experience the feeling of only taking care of your core tasks

Our cooperation - your added value.

You have too much to do? And no one to give work to?

Anything you don’t like to do or takes up too much of your time, I’ll do for you. Free up your time to focus on the tasks that drive your business forward. Hire me.

Find out right away what services I can offer you. Or take a moment and give me a call. We will discuss together what I can do for you.


More time for your core tasks

You think it’s too expensive to use an external assistant?

First, you…
no long-term commitment
in. You only keep me busy when you need me. You have
no fixed costs
for office or computer. EThere are no ancillary wage costs and no holiday entitlement. You only pay for the work you do.

Also: consider the added value. No one can (and should) do everything alone. This applies to the organisation of a meeting or a training session as well as to recurring officetasks or PowerPoint presentations. Simply anything that keeps you from taking care of your core business and advancingyourcompany goals. Every “extra time” that you gain through me contributes to the increase of your success and is thus worth a thousand percent.

Gain a lot of time and talk to me about your requirements!



More success for your company

This is what a classic process looks like when we work together:

We discuss your requirements on the phone, via Skype, Zoom or MS Teams.


You will receive an offer from me within a short time (usually the next day) with a detailed description of the tasks and prices. It does not matter whether it is a project organization or a permanent cooperation. I formulate the tasks so that we have a common understanding. We agree on a training period or milestones, as appropriate.


We conclude a contract – you will receive this immediately after acceptance of the offer with a confidentiality agreement.


Invoicing is done on a project or hourly basis. You will always receive a detailed list of what I have done for you.

Contact me

Käppele Service GmbH
Phone: +49 761 488 974 90
Mobile: +49 1578 62 44 940

I know that my data will only be processed for the purpose of dealing with my request, that they will be deleted deleted after the end of the purpose and that they can be used without my explicit consent. not be transmitted to third parties. I have taken note of the privacy policy.